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Bequests and donations to Walhalla Goldfields Railway are a great way of supporting the Railway and helping us to improve important assets like building projects and our aged locomotive fleet (which are ineligible for Government funding as they are movable assets).

You can make a one off or regular donation, and also make a bequest in your Will – we used a generous member bequest to deliver the platform verandah at Walhalla (matching State Government funding), a project that would otherwise not have proceeded.

Tangibly recognising the Railway in your legacy is greatly appreciated in continuing to develop our spectacular railway. In these times of very limited funding opportunities and ever present natural disasters, every donation or bequest is hugely appreciated.

WGR will recognise these payments at our Annual General Meeting if that is the wish of the donor. Please state in your submission if you would prefer your donation to be confidential.

Some projects that need financial support include:

Current Projects

  • Maintaining our locomotive, trolley and carriage fleet
  • The upgrade of two DH locomotives for hauling our full fleet of carriages
  • Rail to Erica – transporting a large quantity of rail from the Bellarine Railway to Erica for future use on the extension of the line back to Erica
  • Our Rail Motor project – the conversion of two old trams is on hold at the moment
  • Sleeper replacement works

Future Aims

  • Repair and renewal of our 6 major bridges
  • Extending the line to the Tyers/Walhalla road and to Erica station
  • Hosting steam locomotives on short term loan if possible

The Walhalla Goldfields Railway is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient and covered by Items 1 & 4 of the table in section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. Any donation of over $2 (payable to the Walhalla Goldfields Railway Museum Account) can be claimed on your tax return.

Alternatively, if you are reviewing your Will, we be extremely grateful for your consideration of the Railway as a beneficiary. The following form of a Bequest is suggested for your solicitor to use in any Will:


I Bequeath to the Walhalla Goldfields Railway Inc, ABN: 50 886 279 186, INC:A00226304V (“the Association”) bequeath____% of my Estate OR the sum of  (AMOUNT IN WORDS) dollars (AMOUNT IN FIGURES) free of all duties, to be applied by the Association in pursuit of the purposes provided for in its Constitution and I DECLARE the receipt of the Secretary, Treasurer or other Proper Officer of the Association shall be complete discharge to my Trustees for any moneys paid to the Association.


The Walhalla station building was constructed at GippsTafe Yallourn in 2001, with the support of government grants for labour and materials.

Once it was transported to the site, the verandah was not added due to a lack of funds. Without the verandah, it was wet and bleak in Winter and scorchingly hot in Summer on the platform!

In 2014, the Railway was to able to complete the station precinct with a very high quality structure that had authentic heritage detailing, plus a new platform and sealing. This $90,000 project was completed with the support of the Victorian Government, cash from WGR and a very generous bequest of $25,000 from the estate of Peter Brumm, a former Guard on the railway. It would not have proceeded without that assistance.

Commerative Sleeper

Remember loved ones and help the railway

A novel way to be part of Walhalla Goldfields Railway, your donation will help to restore the DH Locomotive No. 37.

Each sponsored plaque and sleeper will have a nameplate attached to the end of the sleeper for any message you would like to put on it, in remembrance of someone or a family gift, the choice is yours. (please see display board) The nameplates and new sleepers will be placed on the track at the Walhalla and Thomson stations alongside both platforms to be easily visible to everyone.

If you would like to purchase a name plate or sleeper please fill in the bottom part of the form and hand it back with your remittance to the station staff, or email to,

More enquiries Walhalla office 5165 6280 or order form here

Contact our Secretary on to discuss what might be possible and we would be most grateful.

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